As of May 5th Litup Chicago's new retail location is in andersonville, inside Poshwire.

Custom Lighting & Design







Re-Purposing & Custom Lighting


Why we do it? Not all great things must come to an end, when you add a small detail like a wooden base to a beautifully crafted piece of metal such as a trumpet, it allows it to tell a different story and it suddenly becomes functional and interesting again. 

An item to be appreciated & love for many more years to come.



We Do Our Best To Build It With Purpose?


When pulling parts together for a build we take the following into consideration: 
rusty, vintage, industrial, grimy and lots of history. Every Custom build we do must have most of these qualities in mind for it to truly be called a re-purposed/handcrafted LitUp Creation. 



The Process 


Every lamp tells a story of a place in time and the mind behind the need for such item, we like to keep each item to it's original look and luster as much as we can in order to preserve its identity in history. Some items serve dual purposes and others are just posing for the camera displaying the beauty in their details as creatively crafted new lamps.




Home is Where The Couch is


The lounge is where most of our creative thought process takes place and where all of LitUp creations come to life. We sought out to create a product, a lifestyle, a place, and an experience that could help connect with an audience with an appreciation for handmade craftsmanship and a passion for unique creativity. Our focus is to help you enhance any room, space and function that makes up your day-to-day life with our urban Chicago brand.