As of May 5th LitUp Chicago finally opened it's doors to a retail space called POSHWIRE. Poshwire is a collaboration of two brands, Transistor Chicago & Litup Chicago.

POSHWIRE – is unique retail, gallery, performance and teaching space in the Andersonville neighborhood at 5224 North Clark Street.

POSHWIRE brings together a collection of almost 100 artists from across the world to entice even the most discerning shopper seeking to spruce up their personal style and home décor. Visitors will be greeted by a variety of carefully curated art (photography, painting, print media), lighting, re-purposed industrial furniture, records, electronics, books, and more.

The 1,500-square-foot site is an art-inspired concept that unites independent creators Andy Miles of Transistor Chicago (est. 2009) and Will Flores of Litup Chicago (est. 2011)

Flangee Wood Lamp Photo Shoot

When shooting product shots with a dslr camera it's much more difficult to set up great lighting shots especially when dealing with the manual settings on the camera. Iphone 6s camera definitely allows you to create a great images in low light because of its dynamic automatic lens capabilities so I been lucky up until now. But all of that changes when I use my a dslr camera, many settings to figure out and the road will be long to master all of it but I'm most definitely up for the challenge. My goal is to at some point be able to dial in a setting no matter where I'm at, indoor, outdoor or harsh weathered conditions. I will try to post in the future for all product shots the camera settings & lighting conditions, for anyone interested in comparing or learning how I've have achieved a certain look or shot. 

New Logo For 2016

I was working on a winged design idea for a new logo to run for the 2016 year, the idea behind the wings is basically a metaphor  for the idea of flight. I plan to do my best to get LitUp to basically take off as a lifestyle brand and part of that is incorporating a logo that represents us beyond lighting. It started out as a sketch and from there I took a picture of it and got it into Illustrator so I can clean the lines a bit and do other geometrical figures that are absolutely difficulty to smooth out using freehand. The light bulb is my own version or attempt to create a vintage Edison bulb with that squirrel cage filament in red to add a little bit of color and make the peace have an interesting focal point. Clean lines, Clean Type and cool design.  Hoping it gets well received since this design is basically what's going to be printed on all our t-shirt designs and custom wood lamps in the future.  

Happy New Year!!! 2016

LitUp Has a few things to accomplish this year and hopefully with a little luck and some determination this year will turn out to be another great one in the books. New projects and products are on the list so I'm confident that this year will be a busy one for LitUp. Our biggest project this year will be to make a transition into a lifestyle brand and hopefully start working on other creative mediums that can compliment an already established lighting style. 

Long road ahead but ready for the challenge, This here entry marks the start of my daily grind for the year and I hope I bring a ton of value in the upcoming months to share with everyone.Wish you all a successful 2016!!! and don't forget... We are together in this grind. 

Holiday Open House

LitUp Chicago is taking the show on the road, well... down the street more like it. The 4045 North Rockwell building hosts some of the best poster artists and other creative forces in the city! This year LitUp Chicago has been invited to participate in this Holiday Open House event so come on out and support local artisans and check out some of the new LitUp creations.

Screen print artists Baker Prints, Po Campo, Screwball Press, Sonnenzimmer, Rob Funderburk, Ensemble Dal Niente, Dan Grzeca, Windy City Winery, Chirp Radio and more will open their studios to the public from 5 to 9pm. Music & Drinks will be available, and posters and artwork will be for sale.

Tour the Studios & Meet the Artists!

Beverage Sponsors:
Motor Row Brewing
3 Floyds Brewing Co. 

Saturday, December 13 2014 5pm - 9pm
4045 N Rockwell St. 
Chicago, IL 60618


Ask Men & LitUp Chicago

WHY?Make your home shine with reclaimed materials.

Stocked with custom lighting, functional trinkets, and eye-grabbing novelties, LitUp Chicago offers plenty of options for discerning shoppers who’d like to spice up their living spaces. Visitors will find lighting fixtures made from vintage desk fans, salvaged-wood wine racks, and shelving made from old suitcases, all of which add a clever, rustic touch to home décor. As an added bonus, LitUp Chicago also offers vintage-lighting repair, so grandpa can bring in his favorite lamp and keep it running strong.


AskMen Chicago

Racked Chicago & LitUp Chicago

Your New Source for One-of-a-Kind Lighting Fixtures

Photo: Light Up Chicago

Though Etsy is making some changes, it appears that there are still quirky, one-of-a-kind finds to be had on the platform. Case in point: Local indie store Lit Up Chicago has just launched an Etsy shop to showcase handmade lights that aren't exactly like those you'd find at Ikea.

The selection includes a light made out of a reclaimed fan, a blow torch desk lamp, and another nifty creation made out of a trumpet. Take a peek at all the goods here. And since we're all about independent boutiques this week, don't be a stranger: pop by Lit Up Chicago's North Center brick-and-mortar next time you're in the hood. 


Racked Chicago

Pencities & LitUp Chicago

Thank you to PenCities by LUXE City Guides for the great spread. Finishing up the month of June in style!

LitUp Chicago featured in Pencities

Let There Be Light


Soft lighting. Not only is it key to a fabulous complexion, but also of tantamount importance to an inviting home – and shining a soft Edison glow across the living rooms of Chicago is inventive electrician Will Flores. Flores had his first, ahem, ‘light-bulb moment’ in 2011 when he decided to devote his creative talents to repurposing faff and faddle into one-of-a-kind vintage-vibe lighting fixtures. So successful did this original concept prove that three short years later, he’s partnered up with friend Shari Davis to launch LitUp, an ambient showroom home to all his hand-rendered curiosities and creations in the gentrified North Center nabe. 

From clever lighting to everyday functional hardware, Flores has teased and tweaked old and new materials to create decorative lamps from vintage gold desk fans, antique trumpets, and chandeliers molded from brassy plumber piping, as well as wine racks carved from gnarled blocks of repurposed wood and ingeniously modern shelves made from characterful old suitcases. Also on offer in-store are a number of quirky trinkets, coffee-, tea-, and beer-themed novelties, and the man himself will even repair granny’s old lamps or custom create an item to your heart’s fantastical desires. Glow on, treat yourself... 

Pencities by Lux


Join us for a night of great wine, beer, food pairings and awesome company with LitUp Chicago on Saturday, May 10th at 4015 N. Rockwell.

Experience the LitUp Chicago showroom at this year's Grand Opening celebration. LitUp Chicago is a Custom lighting & Functional Trinket showroom whose main focus is repurposing wood and metal materials for lighting and everyday functional furniture.

With your ticket purchase you will receive a 4oz. stemless wine glass or 4oz. beer pint to enjoy your favorite wine or beer from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Enjoy the evening while meeting the LitUp team and listening to live music provided by Lee’s Jazz quartet.

LitUp is located in the Northcenter Neighborhood of Chicago in a unique warehouse space, loft style with high ceilings in over 3,000 square feet of cool gallery and comfortable space.   

Any questions please contact 

RSVP or get your tickets here! 

All guests who purchased a drink ticket should bring a printed version of the ticket to the event and must show ID.