New Logo For 2016

I was working on a winged design idea for a new logo to run for the 2016 year, the idea behind the wings is basically a metaphor  for the idea of flight. I plan to do my best to get LitUp to basically take off as a lifestyle brand and part of that is incorporating a logo that represents us beyond lighting. It started out as a sketch and from there I took a picture of it and got it into Illustrator so I can clean the lines a bit and do other geometrical figures that are absolutely difficulty to smooth out using freehand. The light bulb is my own version or attempt to create a vintage Edison bulb with that squirrel cage filament in red to add a little bit of color and make the peace have an interesting focal point. Clean lines, Clean Type and cool design.  Hoping it gets well received since this design is basically what's going to be printed on all our t-shirt designs and custom wood lamps in the future.